Christopher Mallick: Show You Care

Chris Mallick

Christopher Mallick and his passion for producing.

Casting calls draw actors from far and wide.  Christopher Mallick notices those individuals who seize the opportunity to dress the part.  One must wonder why Christopher Mallick would offer a role in a movie to anyone who does not care enough to do more than roll out of bed.  Characters stand out from the crowd, and the right people will notice.  Busy producers, like Christopher Mallick, look for new faces with intensity and interest in the project.  A healthy balance between talent and confidence will bring about the right result.  Every decision will be made with the final product in mind.

Christopher Mallick: Be Who You Are

Christopher Mallick on the set

Christopher Mallick is dedicated to his work.

Aspiring actors will seek an opportunity to make a reel that shows them acting on camera.  Christopher Mallick reviews countless reels and headshots in the quest to find talent for upcoming projects.  Talent will shine through amateur attempts at hair, makeup and wardrobe.  Expert producers, like Christopher Mallick, recognize genuine attempts to embrace a role.  Each film created by Christopher Mallick and his team is based on an interesting story.  Talented people are assigned to roles that are based on the script.  Audiences remember the story long after the movie credits roll.